How To Prepare For a Baggins Shar-Pei

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Published: 26th November 2010
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Recommendations About Getting a New Baggins Shar-Pei Puppy

Linda Coffee, breeder of over one hundred champion Shar-Pei, reveals the secrets to bring puppies in to the family:

Socialization is never a greater issue than when getting a fresh dog into your family home. This is often a little hard to bear for every individual concerned, especially the other animals that may already be there. Stay with me for quite a few tips as well as stuff you should be aware to make the arrival of a brand-new Shar-Pei pup the very best experience possible.


Initial handling as well as learning how to trust are important, however , the pup's genetics fix a limit upon exactly how well-socialized it could turn out to be. Although a few puppies have a hereditary predisposition for mean or even hostile conduct and no level of socialization is going to eliminate it, the Baggins bloodline generates extremely tame and pleasant Shar-Pei. This is a result of carefully screening for character for thirty years of raising Shar-Pei. They adapt well to living alongside various other animals, small and large .

New Loved Ones

Shar-Pei are tolerant of pets, adults and children, yet remain highly intelligent and alert guard dogs having superb guarding instincts, letting you know as soon as anyone approaches the doorway, for instance. Shar-Pei should really be kept inside as they wish to be with their human family.

Top Dog

If a prior dog is in the house, it ought to be the top dog . Don't scold your senior dog or attempt to make it become submissive. The pup ought to learn from the beginning that this senior dog is in charge. Most Baggins puppies are not going to mind and will not compete for the top spot. Chaperone the puppy around the older dog in the beginning. Let the top dog to establish the limits for your pup. It's all right to allow it to growl and intimidate, merely safeguard the pup from physical harm. Offering the older canine lots of attention along with the freedom to get assertive with your puppy will help it to loosen up and accept the newest member in its pack.


In my experience in most cases the older dog will be inclined to dismiss brand new puppies to begin with - quite possibly pout some - stay in another room in your home for a couple of days (in order to punish you!) and subsequently start to love on the brand new pups

Gender Considerations

It is definitely easiest to acquire opposite genders, but I've got several family homes that have a couple of adult males cohabitating. In these instances I always recommend the males be neutered to avoid struggles over male dominance.

Crates and Confinement

Crates might appear to be cruel torture tools to people, however they're secure havens for young puppies. Please don't be reluctant about confining your brand-new pup inside of a crate . They're going to play really hard for a time and after that they will have to rest, a lot like babies. The crate is a good spot for this. Crating might also aid the settling in process by giving older dogs a precious break from the tension of the enthusiastic pup.


I have never had felines, but quite a lot of the homes I send puppies to do (including my son's). I never had a pup sent back due to a difficulty with felines.

Should you have any questions or concerns about how your Shar-Pei puppy is fitting in, you are able to find a lot more helpful Shar-Pei info at

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